AGID Industrial Services

AGID develop and embed RFID solutions in industrial environments. We offer service to identify, track and manage object identified by RFID tags of different technologies.

Waste bins ID

AGID Waste bins management
Complete system mounted on garbage trucks to identify and manage waste bins, using UHF or LF.

RFID Readers

AGID RFID readers
Agid provides different RFID readers, fixed or handled, to read Low, Hight and Ultra Hight frequency tags.


We select and distribute a large range of RFID tags, that fits to your needs and allowing the best identification.

RFID integration

AGID RFID Integration
We offer global and specific solutions to answer to your needs in term of identification by radio frequency.


AGID Logistic
RFID is the most suitable solution to ensure flawless traceability in all of your workflow, routing and management.

Identification Labels

AGID Identification Labels
With Ritchey ID, discover a full range of identification tags. Visual tags, barcode or RFID provides are reliable and responsive at all levels, in multiple application areas such as traceability or the equipment identification.
AGID Farm Services

AGID offers complete system solutions for your farm to manage the identification and distribution of food for your animals

AGID Nedap


The Velos system is a platform for the automation of production on dairy farms, regrouping all the Nedap technology. It allows management and ensures the distribution of food, activity detection, sorting and location of your animals.

AGID Heat detection

Heat Detection

Effective system for detecting the activity of the animals due to precise Nedap technology.

AGID Förster Concentrate feeder

Concentrate feeder Förster

Förster-Technik feeders includes automatic milk distributors for breeding, based foods type and conditions of use.

AGID ID Traite

Milking Assistant

Our Milking Assistant, ID-Traite, dynamically displays the number of animals present during milking. This system is very useful when several people work in the parlor, and also for large herds. It automates, simplifies and improves the reliability of information. It displays the identification number of each animal and its warnings.

AGID Tags reader

Tag readers

A wide range of eartags readers to identify and keep tracks of your animals.